April 13, 2023

GX Partner Spotlight: Campus Ink Unlocks Easy Income for Student-Athletes

With the philosophy of “NIL for all, not just for some,” Campus Ink is giving athletes across all sports the chance to profit from their name, image, and likeness. The company has partnered with INFLCR to provide unique, passive revenue opportunities to student-athletes.

Founded in 1947 and reimagined by Steven Farag in 2015, Campus Ink is the leading platform for college students seeking to design and sell merchandise. The company’s NIL Store serves as a global marketplace for student-athletes to market their products via a dedicated website branded and customized for their school.


Campus Ink + INFLCR 

Once Campus Ink secures a licensing agreement with a school, INFLCR enables them to efficiently reach and engage student-athletes to participate in custom merchandise opportunities. As an INFLCR Global Exchange partner, Campus Ink uses the in-app bulletin board and direct messaging to invite student-athletes to participate in their school’s NIL store. 

Photos and videos within INFLCR’s Content Hub are used by Campus Ink artists and student-athletes to create unique merchandise. This facilitates the quick release of time-sensitive items like this limited-edition Elizabeth Kitley shirt commemorating the Hokies’ Final Four appearance. 

Elizabeth Kitley Shirt Campus Ink

Campus Ink uses the INFLCR payment system to process athlete payouts. This streamlines the process by ensuring payments to student-athletes are compliant and automatically disclosed to the athletic department. 

“This is such an exciting time for college athletes and we’re thrilled to help them realize new and unique revenue opportunities. Our partnership with INFLCR has enabled us to partner with institutions, get student-athletes involved and onboarded, and start selling custom merchandise incredibly quickly.”
Adam Cook, Campus Ink NIL Director

Growing the Player’s Wallet

Student-athletes at INFLCR partner schools are able to easily establish a passive revenue stream through the Campus Ink NIL store. What’s more, Campus Ink offers the highest commission percentages, with player payouts ranging from 20-30% per item sold, 5x the industry standard. Unlike in-person signings and other NIL opportunities that require active participation, Campus Ink provides passive revenue to student-athletes.

Many NIL platforms only feature standard jerseys and other generic merchandise, whereas Campus Ink enables student-athletes to create and sell one-of-a-kind designs. For example, Purdue University’s NIL Store features a t-shirt and sweatshirt with a Big Maple logo that pays homage to the Canadian upbringing of center Zach Edey, who won the 2023 John R. Wooden Award as the nation’s top men’s college basketball player.

Zach Edey Hockey Jersey Campus Ink

The INFLCR and Campus Ink partnership has helped Purdue University’s NIL Store generate over $72,000 in payments to student-athletes. To hear the full story, sign up for this webinar.

Campus Ink + Purdue Webinar

Supporting Schools’ NIL Initiatives  

Campus Ink’s unique approach also helps colleges and universities build their brands, provide revenue opportunities to student-athletes, and streamline the process. 

Each partner school gets its own branded online NIL Store. Starting with the University of Illinois, Campus Ink has now obtained licenses at more than 35 schools and onboarded over 1000 collegiate athletes. In the 2023 NCAA Final Four, four participants – San Diego State and eventual national champion UConn in men’s basketball and Virginia Tech and eventual national champion LSU in women’s basketball – were Campus Ink partner schools. 

By providing equal revenue opportunities to all sports and every athlete, Campus Ink enables colleges to support their entire student-athlete population year-round. In addition, at many partner schools, students run the NIL Store and its social media accounts, giving them valuable real-work business experience. 

The partnership between Campus Ink and INFLCR also provides athletic departments with peace of mind that royalty payments are secure and compliant with NCAA regulations and saves time by eliminating manual reporting. 

Interested in becoming an INFLCR Global Exchange Partner? Contact Us.

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