April 12, 2018

#INFLCR – Episode Seven – People

With first quarter accomplishments of raising capital and hiring quality staff checked off the list, Influencer (INFLCR) Founder and CEO Jim Cavale gathered the company’s new leadership team for its first 2-day off-site strategic planning workshop.

This episode provides an inside look at two days of meetings atop the more than a century-old John Hand Building revival skyscraper in Birmingham, Alabama.

During these meetings, the #INFLCR team examined its strength of having a team in place with credibility that pre-dates the business, a product that still is evolving, opportunities and threats present in the marketplace, and a plan for the next 90 days to remain focused and examine leveraging the #INFLCR content hub to create a unique application programming interface (API) for the company instead of relying on social networks.

In reflection, the end of quarter planning session had a different feel for Cavale than the first eight months, seeing the talent in place to support his role into that of an operator and leader of the company.


– John Hand Club – Birmingham, Ala.


– Jim Cavale, #INFLCR Founder and CEO
– Liz Ballard, #INFLCR VP of Client Strategy
– Lauren Kendrick, #INFLCR Director of Operations
– Chris Nalley, #INFLCR Chief Technology Officer
– Tim Stephens, #INFLCR Director of Business Development

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