May 25, 2023

One Page to Engage Fans & Donors: New INFLCR Causes Feature

Giving to the athletic department used to be straightforward. But with NIL dramatically disrupting the collegiate landscape, donors and supporters now have an array of opportunities to give money to their favorite school AND directly to the athlete. To simplify the process and drive giving, INFLCR launched the new Causes feature. 

As part of the INFLCR Exchange, Causes aims to improve engagement with donors and fans, accelerate information sharing, and increase participation in campaigns and NIL opportunities. A college athletic department can easily create new causes and consolidate NIL resources onto a single mobile-friendly webpage. This enables fans, donors, and businesses to quickly find all NIL initiatives with a single click. They can register for a school’s Local Exchange, contact student-athletes directly, donate to a NIL collective or school athletic fund, and contribute to causes in other ways. 

The University of Louisville recently launched its Local Exchange and created a Cause to connect to the school's fundraising website while the University of Colorado used a Cause to promote and drive to its Collectives website. Both of these early adopters are taking advantage of Causes to streamline the user experience and drive more engagement with fans and donors.

"Causes allows us to streamline communication as we empower external stakeholders to support student-athletes. Offering one unified location to pursue NIL opportunities, and the fundraising campaign to increase support in student-athletes academics shows a comprehensive effort in supporting the whole student-athlete experience. This invaluable feature not only connects fans, donors, and businesses but also provides them with a diverse menu of options to actively support and uplift our exceptional student-athletes.”
- Zack McKay - Director of NIL at The University of Louisville

"For us, the new causes feature has really helped us direct fans who are interested in NIL but unsure of how to get involved because it can be a confusing space but now with the new causes feature, fans are able to see on one page the different ways they are able to get involved in the NIL space."
- Sadie Baker, Assistant Director/NIL at The University of Colorado

For detailed support documentation on how to use Causes, please see this article. To learn more about this and other INFLCR features that can improve fan, donor, and local business engagement, contact us today.

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