May 11, 2023

INFLCR and The Brandr Group Partner to Create More NIL Opportunities for Student-Athletes

Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL)  industry leaders INFLCR and The Brandr Group (TBG) have entered into a long-term agreement to support student-athletes as they develop their personal brands and maximize their earning potential through their NIL. INFLCR will officially become a technology partner of TBG; through this partnership, TBG will use INFLCR’s technology to onboard athletes, disclose transactions, and process NIL payments at all schools where there is a crossover between TBG and the entire Teamworks network. 

The Brandr Group represents student-athletes at over 80 colleges and universities and specializes in developing co-branded licensing and active use opportunities using group player rights.  TBG works with over 70 licensees to create meaningful co-branded initiatives at fair market value for student-athletes in the jersey, apparel, hard goods, trading cards, digital and video content, and video games categories. INFLCR, a product within the Teamworks Operating System for Sports™, supports nearly 90,000 student-athletes in building and managing their NIL businesses while providing a fee-free technology platform for seamless disclosures and reporting. 

While the official partnership with INFLCR is new, TBG has utilized INFLCR to send thousands of royalty payments to athletes at over 40 schools. TBG will send royalty payments through INFLCR to all of their client institutions, and qualifying athletes will receive one consolidated 1099 form from all of their TBG payments at the end of the year. 

“After realizing the benefits of working together over the past year, forging an official partnership with the Brandr Group was the logical next step,” said Josh Delander, Director of Strategy and Partnerships at INFLCR. “Group licensing transactions have increased each quarter, and there are big opportunities on the horizon. Together, we can provide more NIL opportunities for student-athletes and simplify the way they participate in, disclose, and receive payments from group licensing deals.“

“This is a perfectly aligned partnership for The Brandr Group as INFLCR brings a wealth of experience in serving both the schools and the student-athletes that ensures all transactions are compliant and deliver a great experience,” said Wesley Haynes, CEO of The Brandr Group. “Companies, brands, and content providers are realizing the powerful benefits of group licensing in NIL, and we are seeing a significant increase in opportunities for student-athletes as a result. As we continue to add  partnerships with brands and athletes, our alignment with INFLCR is a natural way to engage with student-athletes and deliver success.”

In addition to deal processing and tracking, future collaborations between INFLCR and TBG will expand into other strategic offerings for the market, including data analytics and content licensing.  

About The Brandr Group

The Brandr Group (TBG) is a brand management, marketing, and licensing agency powered by a team with decades of collective management experience for some of the world’s largest brands. TBG has emerged as the leading agency in group licensing programs, with rights to over 80 college athletic programs and their student-athletes in the Name, Image and Likeness category including the biggest brands in college athletics. TBG partners with prominent brands, colleges, sponsors, corporate trademarks, athletes, and events to cultivate, diversify and monetize intellectual property through professional brand management and licensing endeavors. For more information, please visit 

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