June 17, 2021

INFLCR And Grabyo Partner To Provide Increased Content Creation And Distribution Capabilities To Sports Organizations

INFLCR and Grabyo have teamed up to offer a powerful video production and distribution solution for athletes and sports organizations. This fully cloud-based workflow will help digital and social teams maximize content reach and ROI, as well as streamline their content production and distribution process.

Grabyo and INFLCR’s partnership will increase the content production capabilities of professional sports organizations as well as NCAA schools, which will in turn create more sponsorship inventory for brand partners.

Content and media distribution staff across NCAA and professional conferences, leagues and teams will be able to create, brand and package video content using Grabyo’s cloud video platform. Organizations with remote staff will be able to collaborate on video production and editing in real-time, using Grabyo’s browser-based tools.

Media teams can then send content directly to an athlete’s INFLCR account for distribution across social media. Athletes can access and share content in real-time, while brand partners can track the impact and engagement of content.

Digital activation with branded social video has become a key component in endorsement strategy, with athletes across all sports racking up a considerable following across various social platforms.

Consumers are far more likely to engage with social media content when it is published by a person versus a corporate account, especially major influencers like athletes. Sharing high-quality content, at the right time to the right platform, can deliver large audiences for sponsors.

“At INFLCR we want to make things as easy and impactful as possible for athletes and staff, and this new workflow helps us to build on our success, provide some operational efficiency, and give athletes and organizations the opportunity to produce next-level content, and distribute it to the widest possible audiences at scale. We’re thrilled to integrate with Grabyo and help support our clients’ needs.” said Jim Cavale, INFLCR Founder & CEO.

“We’re excited to bring this to market with INFLCR and help sports organizations maximize the potential of their content,” adds Mike Kelley, President of Americas at Grabyo. “This integration will help athletes and organizations produce more content for fans, while keeping the process as friction-free as possible, which will in turn lead to more great content and endorsement opportunities.”

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