May 8, 2019

INFLCR Adds New Internship Program Focused On The Student-Athlete Experience

INFLCR is excited to announce the start of a new summer internship program focusing solely on the student-athlete.

The internship program will take place at our headquarters in Birmingham, AL, where Virginia Tech business student and Division I soccer player Olivia Odle will be joining the team to bring new value and new perspectives.

Virginia Tech business student and Division I soccer player Olivia Odle will be joining INFLCR for the summer of 2019 as part of our student-athlete internship program

Olivia’s athletic experience includes competitive play at the national and international level, which complements a rigorous pursuit of her studies and involvement in her community.

A Dean’s List student, Olivia has also been a two-time recipient of the ACC’s Top Six for Service award, given to athletes who have demonstrated outstanding community service and community relations.

“The internship program this summer is going to be a lot of fun, because student-athletes like Olivia have a lot of ideas on how to take a great product like INFLCR and help make it that much more student and athlete-minded in our approach,” says INFLCR CEO Jim Cavale.

At INFLCR, our product decisions, marketing decisions, sales and client success team all work together with the goal of enhancing the student-athlete experience, and giving student-athletes the tools and opportunities to create value for themselves while still in school.

We’ve seen tremendous success from our student-athlete users, like the University of Kentucky’s Benny Snell, who was recently drafted to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

While still in school, Snell used his platform as a high-performing collegiate athlete to build a strong personal brand that delivered significant value for him even after his last college game.

Our goal is to develop new programs and initiatives that empower over ten thousand student-athletes in the next year.

To that end, Olivia’s perspective, experience, and new ideas will help give us insights needed to better tailor our product and our approach, so that INFLCR student-athlete users are able to make the most of their social media presence while in college.

“INFLCR was founded with the student-athlete in mind,” says Cavale. “Ultimately, being a team made up of many former student-athletes, we really put the athlete and the student-athlete first in everything we do here.”

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