September 23, 2020

Indiana Pacers Maintain Strong Player Engagement Amidst Remote Operations & NBA Bubble

Indiana Pacers Renew with Teamworks to Maintain Strong Player Engagement Amidst Remote Operations & NBA Bubble

The Indiana Pacers have leveraged Teamworks to consistently interact with players and simplify logistics planning during the pandemic.

DURHAM, NC – [Wednesday, September 23, 2020] – Teamworks, the leading athlete engagement platform for professional and collegiate organizations, is pleased to renew its partnership with the Indiana Pacers. The Indiana Pacers deem Teamworks pivotal in preserving team culture and cohesion by keeping players, coaches and support staff connected and engaged, whether operating under remote conditions or the constantly shifting circumstances within the NBA Bubble.

“In an unpredictable time with consistent change and adjustment, partnering with Teamworks has been absolutely critical to our team’s ability to continue operating at the highest caliber,” said Peter Dinwiddie, Senior Vice President of Basketball Operations for the Indiana Pacers. “During a time when the team would be training, competing and traveling together almost daily, we were siloed in our homes instead. With Teamworks, we elevated our high standards for communication while remote, interacting with players and streamlining new processes and procedures through the platform’s mobile app.”

“While navigating the NBA Bubble, Teamworks proved just as crucial,” said Dinwiddie. “Information and details were evolving at a moment’s notice, and Teamworks gave us flexibility in instantly communicating changes and keeping the players, coaches and staff up-to-date, which ultimately helped ensure the safety and accountability of our organization while navigating the bubble environment.”

The Indiana Pacers are among over 100 professional teams around the world that partner with Teamworks, a list that includes a third of teams competing in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

“Throughout the pandemic – from forced remote operations to executing return to play transition plans – professional teams have recognized the need for consistent and effective athlete communication and engagement as paramount,” said Zach Maurides, CEO and Founder of Teamworks. “Teamworks is proud to provide the Indiana Pacers with a player engagement solution that allows them to navigate the constantly evolving sports climate brought on by the pandemic and safeguards the team’s cohesive energy by centralizing team logistics.”


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