February 2, 2022

How Tampa Uses INFLCR To Engage Their Student-Athletes

The Spartans started using INFLCR in August of 2021. Since then, they’ve become dynamic users of the platform with more than 71,000 pieces of media shared with athletes after launching. They’re now in the Top 10 for content uploads out of all INFLCR’s partners.

Tampa consistently feeding their student-athletes content also resulted in high app engagement – with over 12,000 athlete app sessions logged. In the last six months with INFLCR, Tampa has closed the gap between the department and its student-athletes, substantially grown their social media engagement, and made each of their 600 student-athletes feel valued.

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We’re the leading content and compliance platform for elite athletic programs, educating and preparing staff and athletes for the NIL era, all powered by best-in-class content delivery via mobile app. INFLCR works with more than 3,500 collegiate and professional sports teams with a network of over 70,000 active athlete users.

With revolutionary features like the Content Gallery, Compliance Dashboard, Storyteller Playbook, and new products like the Local & Global Exchange, INFLCR enhances the athlete experience with a comprehensive solution for responsible brand-building on social media, as well as a fully compliant path to external commercial activity from NIL.

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