April 17, 2019

How INFLCR Empowered 12 NBA Draft Prospects To Reach 6 Million People

It’s mid-April, and with the end of the NCAA Finals Tournament it’s time for accomplished college basketball players to look to future careers in the NBA.

At INFLCR, we empower athletes to tell their own stories on social media, by providing a platform where they can find dynamic photos, videos, and other content from their time as students and as athletes.

As the 2019 NBA Draft approaches, we’d like to feature some of our most active and successful athlete users who will be taking the leap towards an NBA career:

Pictured: Nassir Little, Zion Williamson, Breein Tyree, Tyus Battle, Keldon Johnson, RJ Barrett

Collectively, these 12 athletes and INFLCR users reached over 6 MILLION people on social media during the 2018-2019 basketball season.

These guys are what we like to call “power users.”

Averaging 167 INFLCR app sessions per player over the course of the year, these athletes took full advantage of the platform to find new photos and videos featuring themselves and their teammates, leading to over 1200 downloads and content uses from the 12 players alone.

That downloaded content helped the players celebrate big wins, share their personalities, and showcase their own athletic programs as being fundamental to their success:

As the NBA Draft gets closer and closer, look for these 12 athletes to continue sharing the stories of their journeys every step of the way.

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