July 6, 2023

Hampton University: First HBCU to become Teamworks Elite

Led by Anthony D. Henderson Sr, Director of Athletics, Hampton University is doubling down on its commitment to athletic and academic excellence by adding multiple Teamworks products into its tech stack. With this, Hampton University becomes the first HBCU to join the Teamworks Elite roster. 

We talked with Henderson during his first 120 days in his role and discussed how he plans to leverage Teamworks to create a new standard of excellence for Hampton University Athletics.

Being the First HBCU School is Huge

Not only is it an honor for Henderson to be the first HBCU to become Teamworks Elite, but he hopes that others follow in his footsteps, and recognize the benefits of bringing integrated technology to the athletic department.

A Vision and a Few No-Brainers

When Anthony arrived at Hampton and assessed his tech stack, he identified some gaps. Having used Teamworks Hub at previous institutions, he was confident that building upon that foundation would lead to success for the entire athletic department. Adding INFLCR and ARMS were no-brainers, especially when coupled with the operational efficiencies of Hub.

If It’s Not in Teamworks, It Doesn’t Exist

Anthony is working hard to reiterate the motto of “if it’s not in Teamworks, it doesn’t exist”. However, building alignment and support for this standard requires buy-in from his staff, coaches, and student-athletes. His first step to garner support was to provide training. Teamworks’ customer success team was quick to organize multiple training sessions to educate the Hampton team, gain buy-in, and get them comfortable with the technology.

Student First

“Students first” is another motto Anthony has instilled at Hampton and Retain has been a huge support for his academics and student-athlete development team. The technology enabled their small team to maximize their output by offering seamless communication with professors, classroom checks, and study hall. Retain empowers their academic advisors to provide all 300+ student-athletes with the same level of attention. 

Convenience is Key

To Henderson, having a one-stop shop with a single login to access integrated technology is a game changer. Teamworks conveniently delivers everything a student-athlete needs right to their phone. “The simpler we can make it for them, the better.”

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