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The ImpactDespite being an organizational software, Teamworks is anything but the rigid, immovable company and product that may come to mind. Teamworks runs a website and mobile app designed to keep coaches, athletes, and support staff of all types of athletic teams organized and connected. Our founder and CEO is a former Duke Football lineman, who upon arriving late to practice time and time again, grew tired of running the stairs of Wallace Wade Stadium. He and our team designed our software with the athlete and coach in mind, every step of the way. We run our company as e help coaches run their teams, with communication paramount, and the end goal of….well….getting shit done. What can we say, we win by helping our clients win, and we like to win. The CustomersFrom Clayton High School Marching Band to the San Francisco 49ers, we do it all. Across all levels and from coast to coast, athletic teams need organization and communication to find success. Currently, Teamworks serves 81.2% of NCAA D-1 Football teams in the Power-5 Conferences, and 15 D1 athletic departments. Regardless of deal size, team size, prestige, or conference, every client is provided with an account manager, who checks in frequently, answers questions, and provides whatever is necessary to get the team the outcome it desires from Teamworks. This process, in addition to our free trial process, allows us to build trust and strong relationships with our clients, so much so that our clients often become as much friends as business acquaintances. I chose Texas Tech as my Account of the Month because of the relationship I have built with Kenny Bell over the past month. We have built a relationship where he calls me just to talk about things outside of Teamworks like the NBA Finals and life in general.Many of our clients are our employees’ alma maters, but while we have team pride, we celebrate all our clients’ successes, as a client’s success signifies that we succeeded in allowing coaches and athletes to focus on winning games, not collecting linemen’s meal orders or coach’s dry cleaning.The CultureTeamworks is athletic, not just in our product, but in our nature. Our team is based around collaboration and support, yes…...Teamwork. Each month we host company stand-ups where the big happenings, changes, and deals are announced and discussed, with all members of the company. From interns to executives, we believe everyone should be informed and involved. Much like the athletic teams we support, we are inherently competitive. You could say we like to WIN. Every July we hold the Office olympics (link) to show off our physical and mental prowess, have some fun, and put our competitive natures to further use. We believe that coworkers should be more than just faces in the office. Each month we hold company potlucks, where a group of employees brings in lunch for the office. An hour is allocated to eating and talking about things other than work. The LocationTeamworks’ office is located in the heart of downtown Durham. Voted one of the foodiest cities in America, our Durham office is surrounded by local eateries, and boy, do we love our food. Located between 3 major universities, the Teamworks team has in-house rivalries, such as the well-known Duke-UNC dispute. Because of the universities and perfect North Carolina climate, Durham has become a major start-up community with business resources, as well as a great social scene for people of all ages. Many of our team members can be found after hours at one of many local breweries for trivia night, or out at concert venues. The Teamworks office itself embodies the spirit of Durham with the exposed brick and pipes reminiscent of the tobacco warehouses of the mid-20th century, while the technology, bright colors, and collaborative layout bring the modern, start-up feel of the new Durham.The OpportunitiesMuch like the city in which we reside, Teamworks has a small company feel, with big company movement and opportunity. We know Teamworks is a stepping stone on your path of growth, and work to provide every opportunity for personal and professional development. Each member of the Teamworks team puts on a presentation on his or her area of expertise. This practice promotes development of public speaking skills, shows off our team members knowledge and talents, and satisfies our undying desire for continuing education.

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