June 30, 2020

Georgia Tech Extends Athletics-Wide Partnership With INFLCR

INFLCR is excited to announce that it has extended its partnership with Georgia Tech athletics, to continue to provide INFLCR’s platform and mobile app to student-athletes.

“By continuing to partner with INFLCR, we not only are elevating the Georgia Tech athletics brand, but more importantly elevating our student-athletes by providing content and resources to build their personal brands,” Georgia Tech director of athletics brand and ideation Brad Malone said.

Georgia Tech has been a leader among colleges and universities who are embracing the importance of branding for both athletic departments and their student-athletes. Initiatives like #4the404 have looked to highlight the Yellow Jackets’ connection to the city of Atlanta, and emphasize that the program’s focus is to continue building on the rich legacy of Georgia Tech athletics.

Last summer, head football coach Geoff Collins joined INFLCR CEO Jim Cavale in presenting a panel at the Hashtag Sports conference in New York City. You can hear Coach Collins explain the importance of digital brand and culture building at Georgia Tech firsthand through the video below.

With the continuation of the partnership that includes all varsity sports, Georgia Tech empowers more than 400 student-athletes with the INFLCR platform and app, providing them with content that they can use to post on their social media to tell their stories and build the Georgia Tech brand.

“It’s been awesome to see how Georgia Tech has expanded and provided the INFLCR platform to all of their teams and student-athletes on campus over the past year,” said INFLCR CEO Jim Cavale.

“We can’t wait to see how they continue to empower their student-athletes to set themselves apart in the ACC as the NIL era becomes a reality in college sports.”

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