October 4, 2021

From Inspiration to Acquisition, Teamworks and Notemeal Unite

Today, it is with great pleasure that Kevin and I announce the acquisition of Notemeal by the very same company that inspired us as founders three years ago: Teamworks.

Rewind to six years ago. Kev and I were building and integrating sports technology software in the NFL. Through two super bowl championships, we observed strength coaches, scouts, ops directors, athletic trainers and coaches leverage these software tools to increase their efficiency. At the same time, one of the first hired sports dietitians in the NFL lived his days in Excel, and on pen and paper.

The idea of Notemeal was born from both (1) the observation across all departments that “software saves time and money”, and that (2) there were inefficient pain points in the sports dietitian’s day-to-day, and that there existed no solutions on the market to solve these.

As software engineers, we were builders, but the idea of building a company was a novel and daunting challenge. During my time as an NFL staffer, I still remember when the Teamworks staff visited us on-site. I have notes from the meeting, and I still remember the nodding heads and confirmatory smiles as the Operations staff recognized Teamworks as the solution to their day-to-day pain points.  For the first time, I observed a software provider effectively communicate value to the end-user buyers. The challenge of company building suddenly felt tenable. I left three months later to found Notemeal.

Since 2019, Notemeal has empowered over 200 sports dietitians to reach and educate over 10,000 athletes, spanning more than 50 collegiate, professional and tactical organizations. We listened to dietitians, and we heard that paper meal plans were being thrown out, and took too long to build. We cut the time from 3 hours to 3 minutes, and have captured over 250,000 meal plan views in the system. We were even fortunate enough to hire our very first customer into a full-time role on the team.

We visited with and listened to performance chefs. We worked alongside them to bring their vision of a performance dining facility to life, with athletes ordering a total of 500,000 meals. 50 brave chefs have worked long hours, through a global pandemic, to deliver this experience to their athletes, and even their staff.

These numbers are encouraging, and have translated to faster return-to-play, better on-field performance, and a community of happy end-users. So, what’s next?

With Teamworks leading the market in communication and collaboration, we are beyond excited to synergistically merge the Teamworks platform with Notemeal’s existing functionality, to begin the iterative launch of a fully integrated performance nutrition platform.

It is our mission to continue to build tools to augment the skillset of the sports dietitian, and we are aligned with Teamworks in aiming to automate highly-repeatable tasks to increase overall efficiency. Together, we are maximizing the impact of sports dietitians.

As former collegiate student-athletes, and technology enthusiasts, Zach, Jim and I share a vision in which sports technologies are more tightly integrated. Where app fatigue is replaced with less bloat, and a more pleasant, consolidated end-user experience.

Today, we are powering team operations, growing athlete brands and optimizing performance nutrition. Tomorrow, we continue to build the Operating System powering elite athletic organizations across the world.

Join Teamworks CEO Zach Maurides and me on Tuesday, October 26, 2021, at 2 PM ET for a webinar to hear more about our shared vision and what it means for the athletes and teams that we will empower together.

The journey is just beginning, and we hope you will come along for the ride.

With great excitement,

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