July 26, 2023

Spotlight on Forms: Three New Features Improve Experience

Customers ♥️ Teamworks because our products are purpose-built for sports organizations. Collegiate, Pro, Olympic, and NGOs – we constantly introduce new features to improve your experience and that of your athletes.

Over the last six months, we’ve rolled out several new features in the Teamworks Hub Forms module to address the complexities and nuances of sports organizations. Let’s take a look at some of these and how they improve the user experience.

Conditional Logic in Quick Forms

A key driver of form completion is the number of questions on the form. Hub’s new Conditional Logic for Quick Forms allows you to minimize the number of fields that appear to improve completion rates. Based on a user’s response, you can show additional fields when needed. For instance, on a Meal Order Form, display a list of allergies only if the user indicates they have a food allergy. Learn more > 

Conditional Logic in Hub Forms

Form Previewer

Now you can see and interact with your new (or updated) forms as the end user would before assigning. This is especially useful to test any Conditional Logic you’ve included. Learn more >

Hub Forms Previewer

Update Assignment Mid-Flow

Things change – and not always when it’s convenient. That’s why we’ve implemented a new feature to allow you to update a form assignment mid-flow. For example, if there was a change on your coaching staff and you need someone else to sign a form following the athlete’s signature, you can simply update the flow even if the form has already been assigned. Learn more > 

Hub Forms - Update Assignment Mid-Flow

Not To Be Overlooked

Don’t miss these two simple yet powerful enhancements that have a big impact on experience and efficiency. 

  • Mark Multiple Forms as Complete: When athletes or staff complete forms manually, you can now select multiple forms and mark them as complete.
  • Add PDFs to Quick Forms: We’ve heard from a lot of customers that often need to attach a PDF to a quick form, such as a menu for a food order. Now you can! This is one of those simple features that will get a lot of use.

Want to Send an Anonymous Survey?

There are times you need to ensure the privacy of your respondents, such as an athlete experience survey. Teamworks Pulse now offers you a robust solution to create, send, and manage anonymous surveys and forms. Learn more > 

Teamworks Pulse Anonymous Survey

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