Teamworks Employee Spotlight: Justin Baker

Justin BakerOffice Manager aka "Do-er of Many Things"Hometown: Boone, NCAs a self-proclaimed, and most certainly proven, "do-er of many things," Justin glues our team together with a wide variety of talents, including his ability to motivate, optimize and accessorize. A native North Carolinian, Justin graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and is tried and true to his Tarheel Blue. When he isn’t choreographing everything going on in the Teamworks office, Justin can be found traveling, concert-going and delving into his vast comic book collection. Three fun facts about Justin:1. He believes the Outback version of the "X-Men" is the best iteration and if anyone disagrees they can go to the Siege Perilous.2. His grandfather, Bob Drum, is in the Golf Hall of Fame as a sports journalist.3. He received a year's supply of Method products after proclaiming his love for them on Instagram.Connect with Justin:LinkedIn: Justin Baker

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