Duke WLAX's Coach Kimel Cuts Confusion with Teamworks

Kerstin KimelHead CoachWomen's LacrosseDuke UniversityWhat were some of the first things that caught your attention about Teamworks?The two biggest things that we used right off the bat were the Messaging feature and the Calendar. Being able to pull up all of our athletes’ schedules in one place and then sort them by days to see when they have open times for extra workout sessions and film sessions is so helpful. We know when they have class or medical appointments and there’s never any confusion.Outside of communication, how have you used Teamworks in your day-to-day operations?I think one of the big things that changed our program is how accessible everything is through the app on our phones. I use my phone all of the time. The coaching staff has access to all of our athletes’ information 24/7 and you don’t have to be in front of a computer. If I’m out running and errand and I think of something, the fact that I have the app so readily available is so important.Another way Teamworks helps our program on a day-to-day basis is through Compliance. All of our forms, files and athlete information are in one central location, so we don’t have to look around for a specific form that needs to be filled out, we know everything is on Teamworks.How have the athletes responded to Teamworks?It is so helpful for the athletes to be able to get on their phone and see whatever schedule changes have been made or whether they need to bring turf shoes or cleats to practice. They’re always in contact. The athletes also use Teamworks to watch film on their own time. They don’t necessarily have to come into the office. It’s become a matter of convenience.How has the staff responded to Teamworks?We’ve separated our athletes into custom groups in the Messaging feature, so we’ve been able to target specific positions in terms of organizing film watching for our attackers or having a chalk talk with our defenders. We’re able to organize our athletes on a finer level. Teamworks helps the program to run more efficiently and makes communication with our athletes so much easier.What would you say to a program that hasn't heard of Teamworks?I would say it’s a way to completely organize your team. It’s a way to have all of the critical information you need in one place. You have access to it 24/7 on any device – laptop, iPad, phone – you can access your athletes’ information and get in contact with your staff at any time. Teamworks is so user friendly and intuitive. I would definitely recommend Teamworks to other programs.

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