Why Duke Soccer Relies on Teamworks for Efficient Operations

John KerrHead CoachMen's SoccerDuke UniversityHow would you describe Teamworks to someone who’s never heard of it?It’s a tool that encompasses all your organizational needs. Teamworks keeps you up to speed with things like reminders, which we all need in a crazy world. Teamworks makes team communication and scheduling much more efficient.When your schedule is tight, it is crucial to have a medium that you can rely on and have access to at your fingertips. Teamworks covers so many essential areas in all of our lives that it’s an incredible asset to any organization.How has Teamworks affected your players?Everyone is benefitting from the ability to be on the same wavelength at all times. With Teamworks, there is always a go-to place where we can all check to be certain that we are in the right place all the time. The ability to check everyone’s individual schedule is really helpful. For example, we map out everything we’re going to do based on players’ schedules. When we leave for an away game or have a meeting, we never have to worry about the players being where they need to be.How do your players feel about using Teamworks?They love it. With a Duke student, their schedules are so full and complex. They love that they have a place where they can be organized and see exactly what they need to do. The platform also allows them to easily communicate with everyone throughout the program. Teamworks is a great fit for the players because it’s easy to use and convenient. When you’re pushed for time it’s really handy.How does your staff feel about Teamworks?My assistants are the organizers and the messengers. They love Teamworks because it’s the easiest gadget/medium to get your message out to the players individually and as a group. We use Teamworks to communicate team meeting times, updates and reminders.It keeps everyone organized and connected. The unity that it provides to have everyone on the same page is immeasurable.What advantage does Teamworks give your team?The beauty of Teamworks is the huge variety of service; it’s not just one-dimensional. Teamworks has so many options of how it can benefit your team. To have a place where you can cover so many of your organizational needs is supreme, especially when those needs are so complicated.For example, we use Teamworks to send videos to players. We upload the games to Teamworks so they can have access to the film. We also send certain clips to individuals that we want them to see. It is really helpful to have one medium where we can keep all of our team files and data.

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