How Duke Field Hockey Drives Departmental Consistency

Pam BustinHead CoachField HockeyDuke UniversityHow would you describe Teamworks to someone who doesn't know about it?Teamworks is a great organizational tool that brings a department together, from student-athletes to every other area in the athletics department. It keeps things very consistent and everyone connected.How do you use Teamworks?I was introduced to Teamworks when I arrived at Duke in 2011. One thing I really appreciate about Teamworks is that it eliminates paperwork, which is very convenient for us. Teamworks gives us a very clear and organized way to digitally submit forms that are due through compliance, whether it’s recruiting or team forms. Teamworks also allows me to plan more efficiently. If need to plan a meeting or change a practice time, I always have access to everyone’s schedules on Teamworks.How does having Teamworks department-wide impact your team?Teamworks is very interactive with the players and connects everyone in the department. We all have access to the same information, which gives us more consistency in the way we all think and act. Teamworks can dictate how we all operate, which is very beneficial. It has helped organize the department and improved our consistency with our forms, deadlines and information. Teamworks has put everyone more on the same page.What did using Teamworks change for you as a coach?You can stay connected and find information on Teamworks from wherever you are. I don’t have to make unnecessary phone calls to track people down or search for information, like I used to. Teamworks is very organized, and it’s convenient to have all our information in one place that everyone, athletes and staff, has access to.How do your players feel about Teamworks?I know they enjoy it for the same reasons I do. The first of those is that it seamlessly connects everyone together. They love that they can use Teamworks to get in contact with anyone in the department, from academics to life skills, to find information.

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