December 4, 2023

Dominating the Bowl Season

As the college season winds down, Teamworks congratulates the teams that have secured their place in the coveted Bowl games. With any high-stakes competition comes equal parts excitement and chaos. This season, learn from the seasoned veteran Sam Curtis, Manager of Football Partnerships and Customer Success at Teamworks, to dominate your bowl game. Bringing over eight years of experience on the field as an offensive lineman at UT-Martin, winning the PAC-12 Championship in 2017, attending the Cotton Bowl against Ohio State, and more recently, Director of Operations at Memphis and USC, Sam knows a thing or two about navigating the complexities of Bowl Season. 

At Teamworks, Sam has played a pivotal role in supporting over 200 D1 football programs, getting a front-row seat to watch Bowl teams excel both operationally and culturally. Sam states that as a Director of Operations during Bowl Season, your job becomes ten times more challenging.

"Everything you do, the stakes are higher; there is less room for error, more people to coordinate, more schedules to plan and more mouths to feed. It can take weeks and months to do the prep, making efficient workflows even more necessary." 

When Sam thinks about his days as Director of Operations, the key to success is simple: use technology that centralizes every moving part. This means having communication, travel, calendar synchronization, and people management united in one digital format for staff and student-athletes to access. 

When asked about Sam’s strategies for successfully managing bowl season logistics, Sam pointed out two key elements: Teamworks Calendar and Teamworks Travel. 

Teamworks Calendar 📅  facilitates seamless communication and coordination among the extensive football staff. 

  • Build out a bowl-specific calendar that ensures players and staff know where they need to be and when
  • Ensure all travel party members and their information are on Teamworks for seamless communication, additions to your travel party, calendar syncing, etc
  • Use Forms to gather missing information from your travel party, such as dates of birth, spouse/children names and details, and their plans to attend specific bowl events

Teamworks Travel ✈️ serves as the hub for organizing itineraries, accommodations, and all logistical details. 

  • Finalize your travel party, as student-athletes usually constitute only 30-40% of the total group 
  • Quickly assign them to a bus, hotel room, plane, etc. 
  • Easily communicate all the details they need to know to your designated travel party. 
  • Create trip itineraries when going from one place to the next with multiple modes of transportation.

In Sam's perspective, Teamworks plays a role in elevating performance on and off the field.

"Teamworks empowers student-athletes and staff to take control of their daily lives, fostering a culture of communication, responsibility and accountability."

With Teamworks, everyone, from the head coach to the players, has a centralized source for schedules, tasks, and essential information, creating a proactive and disciplined environment. 

Teamworks is proud to support your post-season journey. By embracing technology, staff and student-athletes can focus their energy on what matters most – dominating game day.

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