Harvard's Coach Wolf Boosts Team Efficiency with Teamworks

Eric WolfAssistant CoachMen's LacrosseHarvard UniversityWhat is the importance of communication for your program?Communication is everything. If you don’t have it, nothing else matters. It is a process of speaking, investing in each other, listening, processing the information and then building from there. It’s important to keep an open mind. Communication is the lifeline of any successful program. The constant drive towards improvement all starts with quality communication.What was your initial reaction to Teamworks?I was excited. In the past I had worked with some other smaller-scale communication programs. We were looking for a way to centralize all of our information and everything we need for our program. Teamworks puts the academic, athletic and social side together, all in one place, so it becomes streamlined, and we don’t have to go chasing around on different sites or platforms. It makes everything more efficient. What was the reaction of the staff?Getting everybody on the same page is an evolution that we’re all excited about. At first, only the coaches and the team were using Teamworks, but now we’re putting the trainers and academics on it so we can all be centralized with our communication. We like where we've started with Teamworks. We’re pumped to keep evolving with it. How have the athletes responded?The players have fewer questions. With everything organized on Teamworks, we know where the players are, and they know where they’re supposed to be. They love it because everything is a click away, right on their phones. That makes the function of our program smoother. Our goal is to be as efficient as possible, and Teamworks makes that happen. We get more time with the players if they have less questions and less indecision. We can be more confident about what we’re doing as a staff and a program. The players are more confident because they know what is expected.How would you describe the value of Teamworks?When you’re doing five different things, you’re not going to be as strong at those five things as you would be if you were focusing on only one. It’s more valuable to do one thing well, than five things mediocre. That is what's great about Teamworks; we’re doing one thing, and we’re doing it really well. That makes us more efficient. We’re polishing that one stone. Everyone knows where to go and what we’re doing, and if they have any questions, they know where to look.

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