May 10, 2023

Communities Spotlights Feature: Authentic Alumni Stories at Scale

Organically connecting your athlete-alumni to your program’s student-athletes is a win-win-win situation. 

Win #1: Your student-athletes can learn from and be inspired by people who’ve walked in their shoes. 

Win #2: Your alumni are engaged in a meaningful and rewarding way with your program and the athletes. 

Win #3: When it’s time to ask your Alumni to contribute to your program (financially, time, or otherwise), they’ll be more inclined to do so.

Teamworks’ Communities platform helps colleges and universities make these organic and meaningful connections efficiently and at scale. And the new and improved Spotlights feature plays a critical role.

The updated Spotlights feature provides a creative way to engage athlete alumni in the development of custom video content that can be shared with student-athletes. Through your branded community app, you can ask your alumni a set of questions that they respond to via video. You’re then able to share those videos with your student-athletes in their community’s feed for everyone to see.

Asking your alumni to share their personal stories is a great way to honor them and inspire your student-athletes. It can be difficult to think about the possibilities of life after college sports, so hearing directly from those who successfully made the transition builds confidence that they can do the same. It may even spark an ongoing mentorship relationship. 

And it’s not just former student-athletes who have valuable insights to share. You can also feature current student-athletes, coaches, staff members, and anyone else who's an active Communities user. 

In the end, Spotlights helps you more efficiently and creatively engage and deliver value to your alumni and student-athletes. 

Learn More

For detailed support documentation on the updated Spotlights feature, please see this support article. To discover how Teamworks Communities unites current and former student-athletes in a collaborative online community, contact us today.

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