March 21, 2023

Is Your Collective Working with INFLCR?

Throughout the evolution of NIL and the ever-changing rules of engagement, INFLCR has kept our finger on the pulse of what the leaders in the NIL space are doing while continuing to explore areas where we can evolve our technology to help drive opportunities and efficiencies. Our goal has always been to support student-athletes and provide them with technology to help them build their personal brands, understand their value, and connect with NIL opportunities.

As Collectives have emerged into the NIL landscape, we’ve paid close attention to how the different groups operate, the additional opportunities they can provide, and how we can work together to serve student-athletes best. INFLCR currently works with over 20 Collectives, and we are excited to continue to partner with additional Collectives to evolve our technology to empower NIL transactions.

Top Reasons Why Collectives Should Work with INFLCR

  1. NO Fee Marketplace: INFLCR takes no fees from NIL payments that run through our platform; we are committed to supporting the athlete and providing them with 100% wallet share. We partner with institutions that invest in our technology to deliver best-in-class NIL technology to their student-athletes for free. Simply put, we work directly with schools to build their NIL platform, don’t take fees on any NIL transactions, and don’t charge Collectives to work with us.
  2. Athlete Engagement: there are already over 270 teams using INFLCR’s Local Exchange to transact with businesses, collectives, and boosters. Athletes log in daily and find deals; connect with them where they are not on (yet another) app or tech platform. When new student-athletes arrive or depart campus, our integration with Teamworks allows schools to maintain accurate rosters in INFLCR and ensures collectives can access those student-athletes without needing the collective to onboard the athlete themselves.
  3. School Support: we work with schools to help develop their NIL program and set their student-athletes up to maximize their NIL opportunities in a safe and compliant environment. Schools can feature collectives within their Exchange, designate Collectives as licensees or sponsors, and have visibility into collective activity so they can assist the athlete in using the platform with the collective.

Learn more about how INFLCR works with Collectives

Reach out to the INFLCR team today and learn more about how your Collective could be working with INFLCR.

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