May 27, 2021

CoachUp Joins INFLCR Verified’s Compliance Exchange With An Exclusive Collaboration

INFLCR is excited to announce the addition of CoachUp to the Verified Compliance Exchange.

CoachUp, backed by Stephen Curry, is the largest network of coaches that provide in-person, small group and personal coaching sessions.

“Coaching sessions and working local camps are a great way for athletes to connect with their local communities while also taking advantage of their name, image and likeness,” said INFLCR Founder & CEO Jim Cavale.

“With CoachUp on board with INFLCR, it means we’re providing that opportunity to tens of thousands of athletes with just a couple of clicks.”

CoachUp will give INFLCR a compliant way to connect with and earn money training youth athletes in their own communities. CoachUp will make athletes aware of camps they can work at to earn money in the offseason.

In-App Exchange

Athletes, whether professional, former or collegiate, will access CoachUp through the INFLCR Compliance Exchange. They will be directed to CoachUp’s platform to complete their onboarding.


All transactions will be performed on CoachUp’s site. The compliance integration with INFLCR allows all of an athlete’s earnings to be auto-reported directly to the INFLCR app.

“We know there are thousands of college student-athletes looking to monetize their knowledge and skills through coaching and training. By working with INFLCR, we are excited we can finally open up our platform to these athletes through their Verified Compliance Exchange.” said CoachUp CEO Alex Stone

CoachUp will waive all onboarding fees ($50 value) to the first 1,000 Teamworks and INFLCR current collegiate athletes.

In-App Reporting

As a Verified platform for the Compliance Exchange, an athletic department’s compliance staff will have access to real-time reporting for their athlete’s transactions that occur with CoachUp.

When it comes to automated reporting, Cavale said “athletes having auto reported data makes it easier on their department’s compliance staff to track transactions. The goal of the Compliance Exchange is to give staff peace of mind when they know their athlete’s are working with a Verified App, especially one as established as CoachUp.”

In-App Education

Athletes will receive education on coaching best practices from CoachUp in INFLCR’s Storyteller Playbook.

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