Client Testimonial: UVA Women's Basketball

Sarah HolsingerAssistant Athletic Director for Basketball AdministrationUniversity of VirginiaWhat was Teamworks’ immediate impact for your program?I think the two things that come to mind that we were excited about right from the start were the Calendar feature and the accessibility of the app. To be able to have one hub and a one-stop shop where everything lives really got our entire staff excited. Before we had Teamworks, we had the athletic trainer, we had the academic advisor, and we had the support staff within our office handling all of the basketball scheduling. Everything lived in a different place.We tried our best to get everything on one calendar, but things would regularly fall through the cracks. For example, an athletic trainer would schedule a doctor’s appointment and while she would know about it and thought she told all of the appropriate people, it might not have gotten all the way down the line of command and then someone would schedule on top of it. We have every person on our staff using Teamworks, so everyone is able to see a player’s entire schedule in one place, which is extremely beneficial.Just having the app so accessible on everyone’s phones has been very positive for us. All of our staff and players have smart phones and the app is extremely user-friendly.What are some examples of how you use Teamworks in your day-to-day operations?The biggest issue for our staff that Teamworks has helped with is adding a team meeting last minute. Problems come up and meeting times need to change. Sometimes a meeting needs to be set up for the afternoon and I find out about it that morning. So for me to not have to go through our academic advisor, our athletic trainer, our equipment manager, and our coaches to figure out every athlete’s agenda for the day saves so much time. I can just jump on the Calendar feature, put in the specific time I want to have the meeting, and see immediately what everyone’s doing at that time. That takes me two minutes, whereas, before Teamworks, it would take one or two hours. I’m using Teamworks almost every day just because things pop up all the time.How have your athletes responded to Teamworks?They’ve been great from the start. Because this generation is so technological and the app allows us to reach all of the athletes on their phones, when we shoot out a text saying we have a team meeting, there’s very little room for error. They’re getting e-mail reminders and text message reminders that we can set up through the system.Teamworks really has prevented them from missing anything within their days. It allows them to succeed and not have to have multiple planners. Everything they need lives in one place. They’ve really responded well. They’re so tied to their phones that Teamworks quickly became a part of their daily routine.How has the staff responded to Teamworks?I’ve gotten nothing but positive feedback. The coaches have loved it because they have a million things going on: they have recruits on campus, they have workouts – their schedules are just crazy. Receiving the text messages and e-mails about what we have going on off the court as well as on the court has helped organize everyone. Nothing slips through the cracks.How would you rate the Teamworks implementation, training, and customer service?From the start, Teamworks has been great. The implementation and training was seamless. It’s such a user-friendly program. I’m not the most tech-savvy person, but the way you have the app and the website set up, the training process was flawless. The website is so user-friendly and so easy that you can almost figure it out without needing the training.The customer service has been incredible as well. The few times we’ve needed to figure something out, we’re always able to reach the Teamworks staff and the response has been extremely quick and helpful.What would you say to a program that hasn’t heard of Teamworks?It’s just a no-brainer from an efficiency standpoint. It gives so much more time to staff members to focus on things during the day that are more important than setting up a schedule or contacting players. Everything is cleaner and easier for our athletes and staff thanks to Teamworks.Would you recommend Teamworks to other programs?Absolutely, and I have been! Teamworks regularly comes up in discussion with other programs and I’ve heard nothing but positive responses.

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