Should Clemson's Social Media Ban Be The New Norm?

Back in August, Clemson announced that their players were forbidden from using social media. At the time, it seemed like a pretty big move. They’re kids, in college, and social media, for better or for worse, is an intrinsic part of campus life.If anything, this has been an incredible exercise in discipline and self-control. After all, Clemson didn’t ban smartphones – the Tigers have been using our app to communicate and share information with their players for years, specifically because they know their players are always on their phones and that it’s the best way to reach them. But given that their phones are ever present, the temptation to get on social media has to have been all but overwhelming. From afar, it’s easy to say “well they just need to focus.” And that’s good and well. But how many times have you checked Facebook today?The response from the players at the time was pretty impressive. Back in August, junior tight end Stanton Seckinger said, “Every time I pull my phone out, the first thing I want to do is click on Instagram or Twitter or whatever. This ban takes that out of your head. It’s not that I don’t still have the urge, but I know I can’t do it, so it doesn’t occupy my thoughts. I don’t exactly love the ban, but I think it’s a great idea.”Given the Tigers are 12-0 and #1 going into the ACC Championship, you have to wonder… are they on to something here? Or was it a coincidence? Either way, if there’s a chance that it has been a strategic advantage, should it be implemented elsewhere?About the Author: Mitch Heath, Teamworks' current Director of Operations, wears many hats here at Teamworks with his responsibilities including influencing the direction of the product, serving as the liaison between clients and developers, and helping craft the strategy and vision of where Teamworks is heading.

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