How Teamworks Helps Clemson Football Be More Efficient

Mike DooleyDirector of Football Operations/ Player PersonnelClemson UniversityWhat has been the overall reaction to Teamworks?Overall, the reaction to Teamworks has been very positive. Getting everyone on the same page has definitely helped our program. I receive texts throughout the day from all different staff groups around the athletics department. With Teamworks, we are all more informed about exactly what is happening with each part of our program.What are the key problems that Teamworks helps solve that were not being addressed before?Communication was one of our biggest issues, but now Teamworks helps keep everyone connected. The biggest added value to our program has been getting all of the different staff members to work together. We use Teamworks to send itineraries to our entire travel party and to schedule wake-up calls on the road and on game day. We even have former players reach out to the team.We have added everyone that works with our program to Teamworks, even Student Workers. They can all receive messages from the coaches but are also able to log in and see the calendar at any time. Any information we need is available at a moment’s notice. That has helped make our program much more efficient in terms of scheduling and organization.How have the other staff groups been using Teamworks?Strength and conditioning has been one of the groups that has used Teamworks the most. They use Teamworks to send out messages about team lifts and other appointments, but also about nutrition guidelines and other important notes. The athletic training staff uses Teamworks to set appointments with all the players while also sending reminders for treatment and doctors appointments. I have added all of our team appointments, so they are able to schedule everything around practice and other meetings.What would you say to those who have not heard of Teamworks?I would tell everyone that the Teamworks system is great. It allows you to integrate all the parts of your program together in one central location, rather than having them work independently. Having everyone on the same page with all of our information in one place has made everything more efficient throughout the program.Would you recommend Teamworks to others?Absolutely. Teamworks is an amazing tool that has helped me, and all of our staff, create more time in the day for our other responsibilities. I have time to do things that I couldn’t do before, and it makes many of my tasks much easier. I could send out messages before, but here it is very cut and dry, easy and saves a lot of time. Having the calendar, team information and staff information right on my phone makes my job much easier. I would definitely recommend Teamworks to any program.

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