October 27, 2022

Chicago Fire FC Academy Adds Teamworks As Their Internal Operating System

Durham, NC [November  2, 2022] - Teamworks, the Operating System for Sports™, is pleased to announce its latest partnership with Chicago Fire FC, the 13th MLS organization to add Teamworks to its tech stack. Chicago Fire FC is implementing the elite sports technology across all four, soon to be five, academy teams within their franchise. This software addition will provide real-time, consistent, centralized team-related information for all players and personnel. 

Managing daily, weekly and monthly schedules, travel itineraries, and communication through one app are just a few reasons the Chicago club decided to start working with Teamworks.

“We started working with Teamworks to better connect all of our players and staff through one app. This eliminated the risk of emails getting lost in the junk folder and constantly working out of spreadsheets,” said Kevin Isaac, Chicago Fire Academy Football Operations Manager. “Everyone is on their phone these days, so it was a no-brainer when a tool was offered that allowed us to reduce any chance of communication getting lost in email and text.”

Utilizing Teamworks across the entire organization allows Chicago Fire FC to offer transparent communication to academy parents by giving them access to a tool to stay better connected to their child’s schedule. It also creates a consistent and unified experience for every organization member. Regardless of which affiliate team they are a part of, every player uses the same premium technology.

“Teamworks has already empowered our players, coaches, and staff to take the initiative and responsibility for their professional development. The app allows us to hold our players and staff accountable,” said Isaac.

Chicago Fire FC joins a roster of football clubs globally that look to Teamworks as the holistic software solution. Organizations that leverage the Teamworks operating system for streamlined communication have increased operational efficiencies, eliminating distractions and reducing miscommunication, enabling players and staff to focus on competing and winning.


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