July 2, 2021

CEO Cavale Explains INFLCR Exchange And How Student-Athletes Sign-Up To Kickstart Their NIL Business

The INFLCR Exchange is live for over 100,000 INFLCR student-athletes to establish, manage, and monetize their NIL business through the INFLCR app. More than a dozen platforms (and growing) have integrated with INFLCR for student-athletes to sign-up and begin compliantly monetizing their NIL.

How does the Exchange work for student-athletes and how do athletes sign-up? INFLCR CEO Jim Cavale shares how student-athletes learn about, access, and sign-up for opportunities within INFLCR Exchange today.


In-app marketplace education provides student-athletes with instructional and best-practice videos to establish repeatable practices and maximize success in leveraging partners and platforms within the INFLCR Exchange.  


Student-athletes can grow their NIL business leveraging the ever-growing list of marketplace partners, connecting them to brands and fans around the world from the following categories:

ENDORSEMENTS: Be a Brand Advocate

DIGITAL: Develop and Execute Content Campaigns

PRODUCTS: Create New Commercial Opportunities

TRAINING: Monetize Programming + On-Demand Coaching

EDUCATION: Learn from Athletes, Agents, Financial, Legal, and other Subject Matter Experts


Athletes can begin monetizing their NIL through the INFLCR Exchange portal and set-up is simple.

  1. LOGIN to the INFLCR app
  2. ENTER the Initiatives tab within the INFLCR Exchange ($) menu
  3. BROWSE desired opportunities within the Exchange Categories
  4. SELECT the platform with which you would like to begin a transaction
  5. CLICK ‘View Initiative’ to be redirected out of INFLCR and into the Exchange App’s platform
  6. SIGN-UP and get started with NIL

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