March 7, 2022

Case Study: Michigan VICTORS Exchange Success

The University of Michigan (UM) Athletics Department has trusted INFLCR since 2019, to support student-athlete brand-building and more recently in July 2021, student-athlete NIL business management, by providing personalized content, metrics, NIL education and opportunities management to their student-athletes via the INFLCR app.

In February, UM added the INFLCR Plus Local Exchange — custom-branded as the Michigan VICTORS Exchange — one place online for businesses, individuals and collectives to register and gain access to INFLCR’s database of UM student-athletes.

VICTORS Exchange registrants can search, communicate, pay and report any NIL activity all in one centralized place, creating transparency for UM compliance overseeing student-athlete NIL activity and consolidating all of the business communication, payments, compliance and tax reporting for student-athletes in their INFLCR app.

Michigan’s VICTORS Exchange, has experienced major success just three weeks after launching, with both business and student-athlete engagement. In fact, Michigan had the highest number of registered businesses within twenty-four hours and the most overall out of the other 20+ INFLCR Local Exchanges. Both of those numbers were 38 and 65 respectively, giving their student-athletes a wide spread to choose from when they open their INFLCR app again.

Launch success for the VICTORS Exchange came from strategic pre-launch initiatives, the UM massive Michigan brand, and assistance from their Michigan focused collective, Valiant Management.

“Credit to Michigan’s administration for being very proactive in their Local Exchange launch strategy, involving the M Den and Valiant, their collective, right from the onset,” said INFLCR Founder Jim Cavale. This led to immediate success, getting nearly 40 businesses signed up in the first 24 hours of launch. We’re proud to assist such a great partner in their empowerment of student-athletes.”

Michigan Athletics encourages their student-athletes to make INFLCR their primary tool in managing their NIL business according to Kurt Svoboda, Michigan’s Associate Athletic Director for external communications & public relations. Through INFLCR, Michigan student-athletes can now receive the following with their Local Exchange expansion: real-time content, branding building resources and education, NIL business management tools, and automated reporting.

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