March 31, 2022

Campus Legends To Bring NFT & Cryptocurrency NIL Opportunities To INFLCR Student-Athletes

INFLCR, a Teamworks product paving the way in name, image and likeness (NIL) business management, is partnering with Campus Legends, the leading NFT marketplace and community in college athletics, in a multi-year deal to bring NFT education and monetization opportunities to thousands of INFLCR student-athletes.

The partnership gives Campus Legends insider access to INFLCR’s Global Exchange, a select database of elite companies looking to connect with student-athletes interested in monetizing their NIL. Through INFLCR’s technology, Campus Legends will leverage INFLCR’s partnerships with more than 4,000 collegiate teams, including teams Campus Legends are already working with directly.

Campus Legends, co-founded by Tim Tebow, provides a simple, exciting way for current and former student-athletes to monetize their NIL, creating custom artwork and team- and athlete-centric storefronts for NFTs that allow student-athletes to build and profit from their brands and fans to invest in and also profit from their favorite athletes’ success.

“We’re thrilled to bring this new NFT-driven ownership economy to student-athletes and their fans,” says Christine Menedis, co-Founder and CEO of Campus Legends.  “We’re here for the long run, so doing this right and crafting an environment where every stakeholder can benefit is absolutely key to Tim and me.  Campus Legends provides the ultimate officially-licensed college sports content with our school and student-athlete partners – highlighting their team brands and developing custom content that speaks to their unique fan base, while also fostering collaborations between these student-athletes and leading artists and entertainers to help craft and sharpen their own personal brands.  It’s truly game-changing for all involved.”

Bringing a unique approach to the traditional “digital collectible” NFT marketplace, Campus Legends also provides “unlocks” that gives NFT owners exclusive access to real-life experiences, memorabilia and interactions with the student-athletes. Every time a fan purchases a NFT featuring a student-athlete, that student-athlete automatically receives royalty payments from the sale.

Campus Legends is a part of the Solana ecosystem and features only officially-licensed NFTs, making it a safe, reliable choice for NFT buyers. The Tebow-backed platform is the exclusive platform for Heisman Trophy Trust NFTs and also has official partnerships with dozens of colleges and thousands of student-athletes, creating a unique marketplace that features both superstars and thousands of student-athletes from schools across the country.

INFLCR’s Global Exchange provides Campus Legends with a direct portal to offer and complete NIL deals directly with student-athletes. With a centralized system for communicating and reporting on INFLCR’s Global Exchange platform, Campus Legends will implement a streamlined process for offering and completing NIL deals directly with student-athletes from a wide range of sports, schools and social followings.

“We are excited to partner with the Campus Legends team to bring yet another platform for student-athletes to tap into to build an innovative web 3 NIL business leveraging the power of NFTs, and who better to help with that than the legend Tim Tebow himself,” said Jim Cavale, INFLCR Founder. “Student-athletes will have access to an NFT marketplace where they can monetize their NIL using moments they’ve worked so hard to create as well as learning new monetization tips and content strategy – a perfect fit for INFLCR.”

About INFLCR Global Exchange

INFLCR’s partnerships team vets elite companies like Meta, TikTok, WWE, Campus Legends, DigiSign, Subtext, and Mike Slive Foundation to be a part of the Global Exchange. Inside the platform, companies can automate their reporting of transactions with student-athletes, and utilize INFLCR’s best-in-class tools to identify, communicate, and transact with student-athletes who have opted in to be contacted for educational and NIL transaction opportunities. All Global Exchange transactions are automatically disclosed for student-athletes and institutions. INFLCR continues to take no transaction fees from schools, companies, or student-athletes for activity on the Global Exchange.

Interested in partnering with INFLCR Global Exchange? Start the process here.


About Campus Legends

Campus Legends is the premier NFT marketplace and community in college athletics. Co-Founded by Tim Tebow, Campus Legends serves as a bridge between college sports and crypto, providing a way for fans to connect with their favorite teams and athletes in exciting, new ways and participate in fandom that pays. The company collaborates with colleges, athletes and media rights holders to create NFTs that showcase and increase the value of their IP. On the NIL front, Campus Legends works directly with student-athletes to help build their brands and monetize their NIL in a simple and exciting way, collaborating with the athlete on artwork and unlock features in a way that creates a deeper level of engagement and ownership in the product for the athlete.

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