November 29, 2022

Bowl Planning Survival Guide

If you and your squad have made it to a bowl game, the excitement is high, but there is also a lot of planning work. Teamworks can help. Check out this survival guide with a few tips to help make your lives more manageable as you prepare for your bowl trip.

Tip #1: Use Teamworks Forms

Use forms to collect all the information you need from your team, their guests, and other parties traveling to your bowl game. Use forms to collect information like full legal names, date of births, child information, etc. You can send these forms to current Teamworks users and external parties, so you collect all that information in one spot. Once you have all the requested information, export this information into an Excel spreadsheet and send it to We can upload all that information for you in three ways:

1) Update the information in current Teamworks user accounts.

2) Create new accounts for guests who don’t usually travel with you.

3) Assign guest profiles to an existing contact.

Let us help you - that is why we are here!

Tip #2: Be Flexible

Things will change weekly, daily, and even hourly, so make sure that you’re flexible, able to adjust, and leverage Teamworks as much as possible!

Tip #3: Build Out a Calendar

Start building out the calendar and a framework for your travel itinerary. We know many of you don’t know where you are headed yet but build the structure, and you can fill in the details later. This will allow you to orient the travel party to the single source of truth for more information. When things change (as they always do) - and you update information in Teamworks, everyone affected will be automatically notified.

Tip #4: Digital Bowl Manuals

If you were creating bowl manuals, don’t waste time and money printing hard copies. Instead, create a digital PDF, import it into Teamworks as a file, and assign it to everyone on the bowl trip. If something changes, update the PDF and re-upload it into Teamworks - and everyone has instant access to the latest version!

Tip #5: Use Teamworks Travel

With your bowl guest attendees loaded into Teamworks, now assign them to your travel parties. This way, when the time is right, you can assign them to a bus, hotel room, plane, etc., and quickly and efficiently communicate all the details they need to know. 

With all the moving parts and details of bowl trip planning, use Teamworks now more than ever, and allow it to be the one centralized location for you and your staff to manage all the planning.

Connect with Sam Curtis, our Customer Success Manager for Football and an experienced planner for bowl trips. If you have questions, need support, or want to review your to-do list, Sam is here to help. 

Connect with Sam

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