March 4, 2021

Boise State, INFLCR Launch 3-Year Branding Partnership To Empower Student-Athlete NIL

INFLCR is excited to announce a multi-year, department-wide partnership with Boise State University. Boise State’s partnership will leverage INFLCR’s digital platform, mobile app, and dedicated NIL Suite team in providing student-athletes with the resources to build their brands and prepare for the Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) era.

“Like Boise State, INFLCR is an innovative organization that will add tremendous value to the student-athlete experience and I am excited to be able to partner with them,” Boise State Director of Athletics Jeramiah Dickey said.

“In anticipation of NIL legislation, INFLCR will educate our student-athletes on how best to build their brand, helping to propel and prepare them for What’s Next.”

INFLCR now serves more than 850 NCAA collegiate athletic teams and is used daily by more than 30,000 athletes to access content from competitions, practices, travel and more.

Boise State is the first member of the Mountain West to partner with INFLCR department-wide and add the INFLCR NIL Suite to manage Name, Image and Likeness. As a Teamworks partner, Boise State joins a growing body of colleges and universities leveraging digital technology to provide impactful solutions that help student-athletes build their personal brands as the NCAA moves toward allowing compensation for use of their name, image and likeness.

“Our partnership with Boise State is special, and one that came together with the help of champions from across the organization. Having previously seen success with INFLCR at Baylor, now-AD Jeramiah Dickey made it a point to bring INFLCR’s brand-building resources to Boise State student-athletes in preparation for upcoming opportunities from NIL,” said INFLCR CEO Jim Cavale.

“Boise State is also one of several leaders across the country who have made sure that compliance helps lead NIL strategy discussions. Associate AD for Compliance Matt Brewer’s understanding of the opportunities for Boise State student-athletes played a big part in guiding the completion of this partnership agreement. We’re excited to help all Bronco student-athletes leverage content to grow their brands, while also receiving premium guidance from our NIL team to maximize future opportunities.”

How It Works

Boise State’s staff, with assistance from INFLCR’s NIL Services team, will create a robust program in which student-athletes are equipped with the tools, content, financial literacy and more to participate in NIL.

Once equipped with those tools, Boise State student-athletes across all varsity sports will be able to access the content provided by the communications, digital, video and graphics staff, delivered through INFLCR, to effectively communicate their story and execute a custom name, image and likeness strategy.

After the fact, Boise State student-athletes will be able to measure, assess, and analyze data with the educational tools at their fingertips to continue to develop the best personal brand possible.

What’s Next, the Broncos’ collaborative program with INFLCR, strives to be a complete and comprehensive name, image and likeness program that not only sets student-athletes up for success while at Boise State but for their time after graduation and beyond.

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