May 12, 2023

Birmingham Legion FC: Player & Club Brand Building

How INFLCR, powered by Teamworks, is helping the club and its players grow their brands

Birmingham Legion FC is a professional soccer club established in 2018 and based in Birmingham, Alabama. They compete in the USL Championship. Clayton Humphries is their Director of Communications & Marketing. 

Legion FC uses INFLCR to centrally manage all creative assets, share them with players, staff, and coaches, and provide them to the media. This makes it easier for players to connect with fans, extends the reach of the club’s brand, and generates more press coverage. 

“It's a no-brainer to utilize INFLCR and everything it has to offer because there’s no downside. Every club at our level runs into bandwidth issues, so to build our brand and help players build theirs as the league continues to grow, I can’t think of a reason not to use INFLCR.”
- Clayton Humphries, Director of Communications & Marketing 

The Challenge

Legion FC’s staff has many responsibilities that go beyond their job descriptions. Clayton Humphries, Director of Communications and Marketing, found it challenging to fulfill players’ requests for creative materials and to generate media coverage when reporters couldn’t make it to matches. He received many texts and emails from squad members, coaches, and staff asking for individual assets, and every time a new player joined the club, they needed a full suite of photos, logos, and videos. 

“We’ve got too many people wearing too many hats. Remembering to get every athlete content after a game or training to share on their socials was impossible.” 

The Solution

Building Brand Reach & Awareness

Legion FC uses INFLCR to upload and manage creative assets that players, coaches, and staff share on their social feeds, including pictures from team merchandise photoshoots and match highlights. AI-driven facial recognition and jersey tagging features make it easy to group content so players can quickly pinpoint what they need without scrolling through hundreds of files.  

“Utilizing INFLCR to get players Legion assets – like pictures of them in team gear – builds our brand and helps them build theirs because the content is high quality. It has enabled our fan base to better engage with the club and directly with our players.”

Generating Media Coverage

Another way that Humphries and his colleagues use INFLCR is sharing content with sports reporters, broadcasters, and other members of the media. The ability to deliver video clips and other assets in a timely manner via a convenient app has increased coverage of Legion FC’s matches. 

“If I can get members of the media turnkey content with postgame video interviews and highlights immediately through INFLCR, they'll put it in the news. Coaches and staff also use INFLCR to get Legion content out into the world easily.”

The Impact 

INFLCR has helped Legion FC’s small marketing and communications team more efficiently collect, organize, and distribute content to all stakeholders. In turn, players, coaches, and staff are empowered to share more frequent and timely updates with their followers - growing both the players’ and team’s brand. 

Using INFLCR has also streamlined media relations, allowing sports reporters to access the assets they need to produce post-match reports even when they can’t attend games in person. The platform removed bottlenecks for Legion FC’s communications & marketing team and empowered them to ramp up fanbase outreach without increasing their workload. 

“We've got players who are visible and recognizable in our community, and a big part of that is them sharing photos and videos that we send straight to their phones through the INFLCR app. If they had to reach out to us or get assets in some other way, it would drastically diminish how much content we'd be able to put out.”

INFLCR for Pro Teams

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