How Better Communication (Off The Field) Helps You Win Games

It’s no secret that communication on the field helps you win games. But what about communication that happens off the field? For a long time, we knew we helped teams become more organized. We saved them time. We made communicating with their athletes easier. But could we really make the connection that having Teamworks actually helps teams win?The answer, it seems, is yes. A few months ago, we started having this discussion with our customers, and the feedback was pretty direct. We’ll paraphrase – “Look. If everyone is on time, and my athletes can return to practice sooner because they’ve made it to all of their rehab appointments, and everyone is academically eligible because they haven’t missed a tutoring session, then we’re in the best possible position to succeed.” And, “If I don’t have to worry about who has what information and where everyone is, then I can focus on coaching, and that’s absolutely going to help us win.”When viewed through that lens, it’s really not surprising that the overwhelming majority of top programs use Teamworks. Take a look at Duke Men's Lacrosse. “It has made me a better coach. It has improved our program tremendously," said John Danowski, Head Coach. "And maybe that’s our edge in that we don’t have to worry about people missing a bus or being late for practice. They don’t miss scheduled appointments because it makes it so easy for us to communicate." What would he say to programs that don’t have it? “I’m telling you that Teamworks will change the way that you live your life professionally on a daily basis... It’ll make your day a lot easier. It’s a phenomenal tool for all coaches at any level.”About the Author: Mitch Heath, Teamworks' current Director of Operations, wears many hats here at Teamworks with his responsibilities including influencing the direction of the product, serving as the liaison between clients and developers, and helping craft the strategy and vision of where Teamworks is heading.

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