July 6, 2023

BRING IT ON! Back to School with Teamworks

We know…it feels like summer just started. The last thing we want to do is spoil your fun. BUT, our commitment to student-athletes and those who support them requires us to (gently) remind you of the reality on the horizon. 

Your staff will return to work in a few weeks (if they ever left) and student-athletes will descend upon campus in a little over a month. Since much of the Teamworks staff have walked in your shoes (or those of your athletes), we understand how hectic these next few months are. 

That’s why we’ve created the Teamworks Back to School Game Plan specifically for Super Users of Hub, INFLCR, Retain, and ARMS. This visual journey outlines the critical steps to prepare your systems for a new year and aims to help you have a smooth, less stressful, and successful back-to-school experience. 

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This, combined with our new Back to School Checklists, and in partnership with your Customer Success Manager, you’ll be feeling less like this…

And more like this…

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