February 11, 2020

Arizona Joins INFLCR With Multi-Year, Department-Wide Athletics Deal

INFLCR is excited to welcome the University of Arizona to the family with a multi-year, department-wide athletics partnership

Student-athletes, alumni, coaches, and staff from the Wildcats’ varsity athletic teams will gain access to personalized INFLCR mobile app galleries of photos, videos and graphics created by Arizona Athletics Staff, and other external media outlets who cover Arizona Athletics. This content is delivered through the INFLCR software and mobile app in real-time, for these Arizona brand ambassadors to access and share on their personal social-media channels.

“The University of Arizona C.A.T.S. Program (Commitment to an Athlete’s Total Success) is the first priority when it comes to our student-athletes. Assisting and preparing our student-athletes to grow their personal brand and prepare them for post-college in the ever-changing world of social media is an important commitment of our program,” said Dave Heeke, Vice President and Director of Athletics at the University of Arizona.

“Partnering with INFLCR will allow us to continue to help our student-athletes develop, and we’re looking forward to equipping them with the knowledge and technology to assist that growth while simultaneously enhancing and sharing the Arizona brand.”

Arizona is the newest INFLCR client from the Pac-12 Conference and yet another Teamworks client to sign a department-wide agreement with INFLCR since an October 2019 announcement that Teamworks had made a major investment in the Birmingham, Ala.-based company. Arizona joins more than 500 teams and more than 17,000 athletes from all levels of the NCAA using the INFLCR platform daily.

“We’re looking forward to helping the Wildcats’ student-athletes grow their brands alongside Arizona Athletics, and empowering them to share their successes as individuals and collective brand,” INFLCR founder and CEO Jim Cavale said.

“Arizona is joining several other INFLCR programs in the Pac-12 who are encouraging their athletes to tell their own stories on social, and giving their community behind-the-scenes access to the student-athlete experience.”

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How It Works

INFLCR’s platform helps clients like the University of Arizona send internal media and national photography content to personalized galleries for each of their athletes, coaches and other brand ambassadors.

Those athletes and brand ambassadors are able to access their content galleries through the INFLCR mobile app, and can then share the content to their personal social media accounts.

After the fact, Arizona is able to measure the increased audience engagement coming from the much-larger collective audience of those athletes and brand ambassadors.

Arizona plans to use this approach to bolster their online presence in a way that impacts event attendance, recruiting, fundraising, and other strategic goals.

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