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October 18, 2018If you’re connected with athletics, you know the importance of setting goals. From training to competition, athletes and teams set goals to run faster, train harder and, ultimately, win more. We set goals for a reason, to help us focus and build momentum.Most likely, you know what your team’s athletic goals are and what the plan is to achieve them. But can you say the same for academics?Clear goals, with actionable steps and quantifiable outcomes, are just as vital to academic success. Student-athletes need to know what’s expected of them, but many of the current learning models are simply focused on time-based measures, making sure student-athletes are in study hall at the scheduled time and for a predetermined duration. Not terribly motivating - or impactful - for individuals who are wired for goal achievement.Enter objective-based learning. Objective-based learning (also referred to as outcome-based education) means creating academic plans driven by setting and attaining personal goals tied to class and academic requirements.Why should you leverage objective-based learning for your student-athletes?1. It’s personalizedInstead of having a mass study hall with mandatory attendance, objective-based learning is focused on the needs of each individual student-athlete. Higher-achieving student-athletes won’t waste their time in activities they don’t need. On the flipside, student-athletes who are struggling will receive the one-on-one attention required to get back on track. You’ll work together to develop specific goals and strategies. This means you’ll be seen as a teammate for academics, rather than being a person just telling them what to do.2. It reinforces personal accountabilityCreating specific goals in partnership with your student-athletes, and jointly-defining benchmarks along the way, gives them a checklist for success. They can track their progress and celebrate milestones achieved. If deadlines are missed, you’ll be able to recognize and address issues immediately – instead of having a major problem at the end of the semester.3. It sets student-athletes up for a lifetime of successStudent-athletes are in the driver’s seat for academic success with objective-based learning. Goal-setting, organization and time management are all benefits of their participation. The skills they learn can be applied to future challenges throughout their lives.To hear Brian unpack this topic further, listen to this clip!Interested in learning more about how objective-based learning can help you create champions in the classroom? Register now for our webinar on Wednesday, October 24 at 2 PM EST for specific strategies and tips.

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