How Teamworks Keeps UVA Soccer Focused on the Field

A.J. BarnoldPerformance AnalystMen's SoccerUniversity of VirginiaWhat advantage does Teamworks give your program?Teamworks allows us to focus more on winning games on the field, as opposed to being distracted or worried about keeping things organized off the field. We save time, physically and mentally, by having our organization taken care of in Teamworks.What difference has Teamworks made for the team?With Teamworks, there is an open pathway between athletes, the coaching staff and the rest of the department for everyone to stay in touch and share information. When the players see a text or email coming through Teamworks, they know it pertains to the team and it’s important for them. They also pay attention to it because they know we can see who opened it and who didn’t, which helps with team accountability and keeps everyone on the same page.How has Teamworks affected how you do your job?Access of Reliable InformationHaving the players’ class schedules automatically populated in Teamworks is fantastic because it makes our information more easily accessible and more reliable. Before Teamworks, I had to collect schedules from every player at the beginning of the semester and then I put them all into a spreadsheet. If we needed to check a player’s availability for a meeting, training or to watch film, I had to find the spreadsheet, which wasn’t always up to date with players’ mid-semester class changes.Easy CommunicationTeamworks makes my communication with the team much easier. I’m now able to go on my phone or computer and quickly send out a message, instead of dealing with email lists or messy group texts. Teamworks has definitely streamlined our communication process. How do your players feel about Teamworks?I have only heard positive things from our players about Teamworks. They find Teamworks very useful because it gives them an easy way to communicate with the coaches, and with it, they always know where they need to be and what they need to do. They love that the coaches can put trainings or meetings right on their Teamworks calendars, because it helps them stay organized.How would you describe the value of Teamworks?Teamworks is essentially an automated team manager and our one-stop-shop to find any information or communicate with anyone throughout the department. Whenever a coach asks me to find someone, their phone number, or a certain file, I tell them I’ll look in Teamworks, and I always find what we need.

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