7 Ways to Keep Your Athletes on Track This Summer

1. Post summer strength and conditioning plans as files.No need to hand out paper plans or send emails that will get lost in inboxes. Post these documents as Files or Videos in Teamworks to keep your athletes on track and help them return in better shape in the fall.2. Schedule motivational quotes texts with pictures.You can schedule these messages to be sent as frequently as you want so that your student-athletes keep focus during the summer.3. Build out optional summer workout times in the Calendar.If student-athletes happen to spend the majority of the summer on campus, workouts can be scheduled by coaches or captains.4. Get all paperwork done ahead of time.This way, Student-Athletes, Parents/Guardians and any other staff member can all help complete their parts of the necessary forms.5. Track student-athletes’ work in the weight room, classroom and community service.If you are wondering about the progress of your student-athlete in the weight room, classroom, or for community service, you can use metrics for comparative analysis.6. Post healthy recipes, cooking videos and nutrition literature as files.The student-athletes can be assigned to read or view these resources.7. Assign cut-ups, teaching tapes and inspirational videos to the student-athletes by position group, year or on an individual basis.Student-athletes can view these from their phones, tablets or computers. They can see attached notes and make sure they are watching the films you are sending.Interested in Getting Started with Teamworks?

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