5 Tips to a Strong Start this Season

It's that wonderful time of year again! The students are back on campus and fall sports are in full swing. From practice and preparation to travel and game day planning, you have your hands full ... and we're here to help!Here are five of Charles' favorite tips to a strong start this season:Charles DeaconJunior Account ManagerTeamworksTip #1 - Go Mobile while TravelingWith our Travel Module at your fingertips via our mobile app, sharing travel assignments (hotel, bus and flight) and itineraries with your team has never been more convenient. No matter where you are, everyone will know exactly when and where to be at a moments notice.Tip #2 - Modernize PaperworkEliminate paper and "go green" with our Forms module. Digitize surveys, questionnaires and other (what use to be) tedious paperwork for easy completion and collection. Avoid wasted time and keep all of your documents in one easy-to-access location.Tip #3 - Securely Backup Crucial Athlete DocumentsUsing Athlete Profiles, store copies of important documents (Driver's License, Insurance Cards, etc.) on Teamworks, in case an athlete misplaces or forgets their own. Mistakes happen, but this way you'll still be covered.Tip #4 - Optimize RecruitingRecruit smarter by using Teamworks to store information on prospective athletes and easily send recruiting messages while you are on the road.Tip #5 - Engage AlumniDon't lose track of your athletes once they have graduated. Using Teamworks to send alumni athletes newsletters and updates is just one way to keep them them involved with their alma mater.

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