September 16, 2018

3 Questions With … Ted Feeley, UAB AD For Communications

Ted Feeley is the associate athletics director for communications for UAB Blazers Athletics. He recently spoke to INFLCR for 3 Questions about his role at UAB:

1. Social media played a big role in the return of UAB Football. How do you build on that fan enthusiasm now?

Social Media is our main priority on messaging and fan engagement. Throughout the return of UAB Football, we gained more than 13,000 followers on both Twitter and Instagram and now have an account with more than 22,000 followers on Twitter and 14,000 on Instagram. Along with using it as a news source, we want to have compelling, flashy graphics and information that will not only continue to reach our fan base, but also target recruits as well.

2. How important is it to work directly with your student-athletes to help them tell their story and the story of UAB Football?

Student-athletes are the reason social media is successful in college athletics, and the reason we all have jobs in college athletics. It is vitally important to tell the story of our student-athletes so our fans can know who they are supporting on a deeper level. Sports have a way of galvanizing a community and fan base, and UAB Athletics is a living example of that.

3. What trends are you seeing about social media that you are trying to leverage in your strategy this fall?

We always try to keep up with the trends of social media. This fall specifically, Instagram Story is at the height of its popularity and there is so much you can do with it, so I have put a major emphasis on utilizing that. Anytime there is a new social media craze that goes viral, we always try to capitalize on that as well because there is usually only a small window when you can maximize that until something new comes along.

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