March 18, 2021

2021 Reese's Senior Bowl Leverages Teamworks

2021 Reese's Senior Bowl Leverages Teamworks to Coordinate Seamless Event Logistics

The Senior Bowl is the premier, post-season college football all-star game showcasing the best NFL draft prospects that have completed their college eligibility. Throughout the weeklong event, players’ talents are on display as they connect with coaches and decision-makers from all 32 NFL teams.

Amidst a year where preparing and planning for sporting events has changed drastically, the Senior Bowl partnered with Teamworks to host a safe and successful game that involved 136 players from over 80 D1 institutions.

“Hosting our game during a pandemic certainly had its challenges, and timely, uniformed communication was absolutely essential this year,” said Jim Nagy, Executive Director of the Senior Bowl.

Teamworks allowed us to effectively communicate with all of the primary groups – players, NFL representatives, network media – traveling to Mobile for the event. The first step in our COVID protocols was requiring any individual that came into direct contact with the players to submit a negative test within 48 hours of arrival. Processing documentation on hundreds of attendees would have been next to impossible without Teamworks. Obtaining and organizing these initial tests through the Teamworks app was the launching point for the rest of the week.”

Through Teamworks, the Senior Bowl coordinated a multitude of other logistical processes from scheduling and mass communicating to collecting and sharing data and information.

With over 30,800 messages sent through the app, the Senior Bowl used Teamworks to drive all communication between its staff, the players, and NFL participants in order to relay timely schedule updates, communicate with specific position groups, and set up reminders for when players had NFL interviews scheduled.

Through the Teamworks Calendar, each player checked their mobile app to see all practice times, weigh-ins, media opportunities, meals, community service, and more, while also being alerted to schedule changes in realtime.

Each player was also required to vote on a practice player of the week based on position groups. With over 4,300 Teamworks Forms completed, Senior Bowl staff were able to seamlessly gather player consensus as well as quickly collect player information and electronic signatures for all required paperwork.

“Teamworks has been excited to serve as a partner of the Reese’s Senior Bowl and is proud that our technology provided seamless communication and coordination across the various groups of participants that play a role in the championship game,” said Zach Maurides, CEO and Founder of Teamworks. “We look forward to assisting in the execution of another successful game in 2022.”

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