Notemeal: Auto Onboarding

Auto Onboarding & Meal Plan Templates - Now Available

A faster way to get your athletes set up with a meal plan is now available. Notemeal’s newest feature “Auto Onboarding” creates efficiency and scalability when onboarding new athletes. Upon completion of a few simple questions, athletes and staff members will automatically gain access and immediate impact to a meal plan template to begin a nutrition program. For dietitians, this new feature unlocks the time constraint that occurs when each individual athlete needs to have a consultation and a personalized plan before beginning a nutrition program.

This feature comes in handy when:
- A basic meal plan is all that is needed
- A standard meal plan can be created for athletes with common needs (e.g., first month of injury recovery)

How to get started if you are a current customer:
Dietitians will first need to determine what meal plan templates they want to create and what athlete information is required during Auto Onboarding for that template.
Creating and Managing Meal Plan Templates: The setup is very similar to creating a new meal plan, but now, whatever meal options and macro targets you set will dynamically scale to be customized to the anthropometry information of the athlete who onboards to the template.
Pro tip: Use advanced selection and tags to customize who you share your templates with to provide a much more personalized experience
- Watch how to set up
- View an example auto-onboarding athlete experience

"The Meal Plan Templates are a great way to get service members connected to a high quality meal plan as soon as they activate the app. They provide me peace of mind that the service members have a great base plan to get started with when they can’t get on my schedule right away. It’s also helpful for getting large groups of service members, with the same training program and/or schedule, access to a template plan all at once and still provides customizations specific to the group. Being able to assign meal plan templates to custom tags is the fastest and easiest way to automate connecting the right service member with the right plan." - Tactical Dietitian

For more information on how to get started as a customer, reach out to your product success manager. If your organization is not yet currently using Notemeal, set up time to learn the benefits of a purpose-built nutrition platform.

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