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What Our AFL Customers Say

With elite sports you look at any possible gain that impacts performance. Communication is a key one for that and Teamworks is extremely responsive.

Tom Harley
Chief Executive Officer at Sydney Swans

Before we started using Smartabase, our data was housed in spreadsheets and Dropbox. Nothing was talking to each other. Smartabase has created eiciencies and has enabled us to collect data we wouldn’t have been able to gather otherwise, and then allowed us to analyse it in ways we couldn’t have before.

Jamie Macmillan
Head of Strategic Operations & Projects
at North Melbourne

Proudly powering 15 AFL teams

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The communication and collaboration platform for AFL clubs. 

"Customer service has been terrific. The on-boarding sessions that are facilitated by the Teamworks staff
are great

Tom Harley
CEO of Sydney Swans
All Your messages.
Distractions eliminated.

Keep your team focused on the field by eliminating clutter and miscommunication. Easily send message blast for last minute updates and have one-to-one or group conversations.

Calendar Sign Ups

The most requested calendar feature! Allow your team and staff to set up and reserve their own calendar slots based on pre-set availability.

Scheduling Made Easy

Easily access everyone's calendar. When you make a change, instantly send an alert to everyone affected and update appointment reminders.

Calendar Displays

Project any Teamworks Calendar LIVE on screens throughout your facilities and update them in real-time as soon as changes are made.

Paperwork Done in a Click

Send paperwork directly to players’ phones, where they can conveniently sign and submit with the security of DocuSign. Easily keep track of who has opened and signed and send a reminder to those who haven’t.

Stress-Free Travel

Distribute itineraries with live updates. Avoid communication breakdowns and travel mishaps with trip details at your fingertips. Last-minute changes? Easily update plans on your mobile and notify everyone!


The premier human performance optimization plafform for AFL clubs

"We needed to make player data more accessible
and put it at people’s fingertips, i
nstead of them
having to email a colleague and wait for a response
or look through spreadsheets. That’s what
Smartabase has enabled us to do"

Jamie Macmillan
Head of Strategic Operations & Projects
at North Melbourne FC
Centralized Data Collection & Storage

Pre-built integrations, a robust API, and custom forms make it easy to centralize athlete performance and medical data and get a 360° view of each player.

Configuration Tools

An infinitely configurable framework empowers you to create an adaptable solution that supports your unique performance strategy, processes, and culture.


Extend the reach of data collection and presentation, putting it in the hands of the right people, in the right place, and at the right time.


The AI-driven content hub and brand-building platform trusted by sports teams around the world.

"INFLCR helps to maximise the reach and quality of the brand experience through empowering all people within the organisation to become content creators"

Glenn Harris
GM Marketing & Business Development
at NZ Warriors
AI-Powered Content Management System

Central and secure repository with robust tools to organize, tag, and search your photos and videos. Jersey tagging and facial recognition.


Create campaigns within INFLCR to easily request and collect content to fulfil the needs of Marketing, Digital,  PR/Comms, Commercial, and more. 


Understand what content is most engaging, which athletes are your most influential, and track the growth of team and athlete social metrics.

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