Empower your student-athletes
through academic success

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Student-athletes, staff, tutors and faculty all connected on one platform.

  • Provide academic advisors and tutor coordinators with better insights into student-athlete calendars, minimizing no-shows and cancellations
  • Effectively match tutors and student-athletes based on subject, schedule, and need
  • Notify tutors and student-athletes of scheduled appointments and communicate directly in-app
  • Seamlessly manage appointments changes whether they are on location or remote

"Embedding tutor report links directly into the tutor’s calendar appointments has improved virtual tutoring. It has streamlined workflows and reduced paperwork for everyone involved. For tutor management, having tutor reports all in one place has made them easy to locate and the entire process has become more efficient and effective.

Mackenzie Wenger
Director of Academic Success

Simplify logistics to reduce the burden of repetitive work.

  • Review all student-athlete study hall check-ins, tutor reports, and progress reports from one place
  • Collect tutor session recap reports for all scheduled sessions
  • Gather feedback from professors on how student-athletes are performing in class
  • Collectively and proactively notify faculty members when athletes will be absent due to competition with Travel Letters

We’ve gotten great responses and great feedback from our faculty members on updates on how our student-athletes are doing which is important … to really focus on the students that we need to give extra attention to.”

Tracy Keller
Associate Athletic Director

Improve academic performance

  • Monitor study hall hours, manage time requirements and share attendance reports with key staff members
  • Empower student-athletes to proactively book tutoring sessions
  • Foster practical time-management habits for student-athletes through personal responsibility of both academic and athletic appointments

“The selling point for Teamworks Academics was creating a one-stop shop where our Student-Athletes can access every part of their schedule all in one place.

Justin Vaught
Academic and Tutorial Coordinator

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